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Car Black Boxes        
  The car black box records everything that occurs while driving.
The high quality video and audio can be strong evidence in case of an accident.
It is also great to record the beautiful scenery and can be your private security.
The DVR will keep clear videos for owners who want to monitor their cars and
for law enforcement officers, journalists, detectives, lawyaers and etc.
  Car Black Box
  Car Black Box 2


A) Video Mode
B) Taking Picture Mode
C) Playback Mode
D) Delete function

This product is a digital video recorder (car black Box) installed inside the vehicle which will record the video and audio of the front and indoor areas and help collect the evidence in driving accidents and parking damage while preventing theft and promoting safe driving.
Video Size Setting:
1280X960 / 640X480 / 320X240 Pixels
Time Mark
The Motion Detecting: Open/Close
Video Save Time:
1min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 5min, 10min, 15min

Technical Parameters:

Video Resolution:
1280X960 / 640X480 / 320X240
Circulation Video
Save Format: AVI
Power Supply:
Built-in lithium battery battery / Car Charger
Support SD Card, the biggest support: 32Gb
Reset Function
Output: USB

2Ch video recording
Play VGA (640X480 / H.264)
Optimal Picture Quality
1.3M pixels camera
GPS Module (Speed & Location Info)
Infrared recording (Indoor Only)
Free voltage (DC 12V / 24V)
Micro SD Card 2G provided
Storage Protection
Damage Sensoring - G Sensor
External Buttons
Continue recording/Event recording
Voice Instruction
Exclusive Viewer Playback
Online Map (Google)
Voice Recording
Print Out
Battery monitoring
Contact sales at
4045 Berkeley Park Dr. Duluth, GA 30096
Phone: (770) 234-0221; Fax: (770) 234-0394