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  01. You dream if you sleep now, but you accomplish your dream if you study now.

02. Today you spend in vain is the tomorrow the person died yesterday waited for.

03. The time when you thought ití»s too late is the earliest time.

04. Do not put things you are supposed to do today off to tomorrow.

05. The pain coming from your study is short, but the pain coming from illiterate is life long.

06. Study is not short of time but short of effort.

07. The happiness may not be in proportion to the school record, but the success is.

08. Study is not all of the life.

     But if you can not conquer the study which is not even all of the life, what can you truly do?

09. Enjoy the pain you can not avoid.

10. You have to put more effort diligently than others do to taste the success.

11. Everybody can not succeed.

     The success is truly coming from self-control, self management and effort through blood-and-tears endeavor.

12. The time is flying.

13. The spit you drop today becomes weep tomorrow.

14. Letí»s study as a dog and have a fun as an aristocratic class.

15. If you do not walk today, you have to run tomorrow.

16. The person who invests himself in future is the person who is faithful to reality.

17. Education and degree are money.

18. The day you wasted today never comes back tomorrow.

19. The pages of books in enemyí»s hands are turning to next at this moment.

20. No pains no gains.

21. Your dream is just in front of you, why doní»t you stretch out your hand?

22. Are your eyes being closed? Then your eyes toward your future are also being closed.

23. Do not doze, go to bed.

24. The school record is definitely in proportion to the time you invested for study.

25. The greatest thing is accomplished when others are sleeping.

26. How will you feel the desperate need of these minutes, you are wasting in vain now, at the last minute before the exam?

27. Impossible is the excuse of the person who does not do his/her best.

28. The cost of effort does not disappear without reason.

29. If you study one more hour, the face of your husband is changing.

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