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  We are specialized in installing, maintaining, and providing DVR Security & Surveillance Systems for homes and businesses  
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  Customer¡¯s Recommendation:

We investigated the two most widely used camera systems in GPI to determine a standard going forward for plants that do not have a camera system.
The two systems we looked at are from Unity ITS and Super Circuits (S.C.).
Unity is a privately owned company based in Atlanta GA, and S.C. is a national catalog sales company.
Unity will come out to the plant to help with camera placement while CS requires plants to send in a drawing of the plant and they will recommend camera placements.
Based on what I saw with the two systems I recommend using Unity. The Unity system is more upgradeable, expandable, and easier to use/navigate.
The Unity's system is a PC/windows based interface that has the exact same look and feel as any computer program, as it is on a computer.
The other system is a stand alone DVR system that requires a remote to navigate through the menus.
The longer you use the DVR system the easier it becomes to navigate the menus, but the windows system is easier from the beginning.

Overview of the standard system:

1 TB hard drive / 1Gb Ram / Resolution 320x240 (640x480), the higher you set the resolution to, the more memory it will take to store video recordings / Frame rate will go up to 30 frames per second, the average setting is 5-7fps. Likewise, the higher the fps, the more memory it will take to store video / Windows XP or Windows 7 on the server computer / The cameras start recoding as soon as it detects motion / This will save memory since the cameras will not be recording all the time. / 16 cameras per server / 23LED Night Vision camera, this should be used both inside and outside, it is much easier to adjust than the standard dome camera.
/ The display for the cameras will display up to 64 cameras on one screen or any combination of cameras from 1 to 64.
This is one of the nicer features of our system compared to the other one
  Reasons why you need to do business with us.
  1. We have been in the CCTV industry for the last 12 years, and our systems are running at more than 1000 locations throughout the US.
2. We have accumulated great knowledge and experience in the last 12 years so that we can resolve any kind of CCTV problems you have.
3. We are a small business, and therefore, you do not have to worry about overhead expenses.
4. We guarantee fast service because our process is simple and fast.
5. Our system and equipments are the most cost effective; We offer the best quality for the best price.
6. We have an excellent performance history and do not have any outstanding issues with clients currently.
7. We can maximize HDD sizes to continuously record for more than 6 months with 16 cameras.
8. You can view live and recording from remote locations via Web, Client, Multi, and smart phone.
9. Free estimations for new installations, upgrade, repair and maintence of CCTV systems.
10. We openly or honestly share information - experiences and knowledges to advise you towards the best option for your situation.
11. We can also just provide you labor only in case you already have your own systems and cameras.
12. This system is not only for security purposes, but also enviromental and work safety in the manufaturing and construction industries.
13. Almost all selections of the systems and cameras are available.
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