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  Customer's Recommendation:

I investigated the two most widely used camera systems in GPI to determine a standard going forward for plants to that do not have a camera system.
The two systems I looked at are from Unity ITS. and Super Circuits (S.C.).
Unity is a privately owned company based in Atlanta GA, and S.C. is a national catalog sales company.
Unity will come out to the plant to help with camera placement, CS requires plants to send in a drawing of the plant and they will recommend camera placements.
Based on what I saw with the two systems I recommend using Unity.
The system is more upgradeable, expandable, and easier to use/navigate around.
The Unity system is a PC/windows based interface that has the exact same look and feel as any computer program, as it is on a computer.
The other system is a stand alone DVR system that requires a remote to navigate through the menus.
The longer you use the DVR system the easier it becomes to navigate the menus, but the windows system is easier from the beginning.

Overview of the system:

1 TB hard drive / 1Gb Ram / Resolution 320x240 (640x480) the higher you set the resolution the more memory it will take to store video / Frame rate will go up to 30 frames per second, average setting is 5-7fps, again the higher the fps the more memory it will take to store video / Windows XP on the server computer / The cameras will start recoding as it detects motion, the delay is adjustable for time on and off. This will save memory as all the cameras are not recording all the time. / 16 cameras per server / 23LED Night Vision camera, this should be used both inside and outside, it is much easier to adjust than the standard dome camera. / The display for the cameras will display up to 64 cameras on one screen or any combination of cameras from 1 to 64. This is one of the nicer features of this system over the other one.
  The reasons why you need to do business with us.
  1. We have been in business for last 12 years in CCTV industry and our systems are running at more than 1000 locations in USA.
2. We have accumulated great knowledges and experiences in last 12 years so that we can resolve all kind of CCTV problems you have.
3. We are a small business, you do not have to worry about the overhead expenses.
4. Fast services guaranteed because the process is simple and fast.
5. Our system and equipments are most cost effective. Best quality with best price.
6. We have an excellent past performance history and do not have any outstanding issues with clients currently.
7. We can maximize HDD sizes to record continuously more than 6 months with 16 cameras.
8. You can check pictures from remote locations in four different ways (Web, Client, Multi, and smart phone).
9. Free estimation for new installation, upgrade, repair and maintence of CCTV systems.
10. We share informations (experiences and knowledges) and advise you the best option for your situation.
11. We also provide you just labor only for the systems you already have.
12. This system is not only for its security purpose, but also enviromental and work safety purpose in the manufaturing and construction industries.
13. Almost all selections of the systems and cameras are available.
Why Unity Systems?
The Industry Leader in DVR Cards, Remote Video Surveillance, CCTV Cameras, Cables & Accessories!!!!
Creating new paradigms for the millennium in business and risk management
1. The Unity family of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) is the most cost-effective system solution available on the market today.
End users have the ability to directly connect from one up to sixty four (64) surveillance cameras(black/white and/or color) per server(multiple servers supported).
2. Our advantage over other distributors or installors is the strong, trusting relationship we build with our customers through various local shows.
3. You can depend on us to provide you with real lead times and honest market information pertaining to products and costs.
4. We want to help you lower costs and reduce your time to market.
5. Various method of remote viewing - Web Server, Client-Server, and Multi-Server.
6. Control of Audio and PTZ cameras on your laptop from remote location.
7. Collection of Various number of cameras from various number of locations with multi-server.
8. The search capabilities of the Unity DVRs are direct search not a serial search, so no more fast forward, stop, play, forward, rewind, is required as with a traditional VCR unit while attempting to find specific archived video data.
Just select date and time from a given calendar and tables, you can get images for the selected time immediately.
9. Various display speed Control.
10. Control of Audio and PTZ cameras on your laptop from remote location.
11. We have designed our servers so it can be connected to existing analog or digital surveillance cameras.
The design eliminates the need for the replacement of such devices unless desired by the customer.
12. User Friendly and easy GUI Scheduler (Drag and drop - No key strokes necessary).
13. View through web browser(neither software installation nor software download required).
* Web Version - no thrid party web site to connect is required.*
14. View images and control the system configuration from remote location (Installation of our client software necessary).
* Single/Multi Client(s) - multiple camera locations viewable at one time up to 64 cameras *
15. Local Technical Support.
16. Easy to find images and to create an AVI file for back up.
17. Easy to set up motion detection.
18. Emergency screen popup functionality (Designed to give you warning by poping up images in an emergency situation)-UniWatch Only.
19. Using MP4 dynamic compression technology.
20. Individual Frame by frame analysis-UniWatch Only.
21. Turbo mode increases recording frame rate by 30% (with 120fps board, you can maximize up to 160fps)-UniWatch Only.

**** Local technical support ****

Remote Viewing / Control Available
No Tape changes required
Easy to find Images
Easy to schedule
The Unity ITS Digital Video Recorder is a complete turnkey system, housed in a standard PC or a rack-mount based PC containing an up to 16-camera video capture card operating on a Windows platform, and includes a propriety surveillance software suite with easy-to-navigate, intuitive screens.
The Model-16/240, takes video, converts it to data and stores it digitally, while retaining full image quality from the cameras without the degradation of an analog VCR recording. The system multiplexes up to 16 cameras on the display screen, digitally recording all images simultaneously. The Model-16/240 offers a digital, continuous recording, surveillance system with significant improvements to present technologies, including:
  1. Instant search and retrieval of data by date and time, without interrupting recording.
2. Frame or video clip capture, store and forward without interrupting recording.
3. Inversion of motion detection sensitive areas.
4. Continuous or motioned recording with software driven efficient compression.
5. 1- to 16-camera display, recording, replaying, and/or archiving simultaneously.
6. High quality resolution with up to 30 fps (frames per second) capture rate.
7. Easy remote access over broadband or standard access lines - DSL.
8. Built-in switcher with 1-RCA NTSC output, selectable 1- to 16-cameras, color.
9. Client software provided for remote access.
10. Archive data to CD, DVD, HD, DAT, DLT, AIT, MO, etc.
11. Supported Formats VHS, S-VHS, Beta, NTSC and PAL.
  1. Home, Business, and Farm security
2. Schools, Day-Care Centers, and Nursing Homes - security monitoring of stairwells and hallways.
3. Remote access/in - home viewing of classes via the Internet for ill and/or handicapped students.
4. Data Centers - video security monitoring of sensitive data and network resource environments.
5. Healthcare and Hospitals - video security monitoring of various related environments both in the private and public areas of the institutiond.
6. Manufacturing and Warehouse - management can monitor the workplace either locally or remote to comply with OSHA guidelines on security and safety, and to ensure that all workers are following prescribed safety guidelines and policies.
The system can be easily cost-justified since it can reduce insurance rates by providing the needed video digital archive to support or nullify a workers compensation claim.

7. Retail (In Store Shrinkage), Gas Station, Jewelry Store, etc - an advanced method of monitoring retail spaces and controlling inventory depletion due to theft and/or other factors.
A store manager can monitor (via the Internet and/or corporate intranet) customers, vendors and employee activity.
Multiple levels of operator access and security are available in all of our configurations and are easily configured by the client.
The value and features of the Unity family of DVRs make them a most attractive alternative for businesses of any size that wish to have better control overall facility security threat and/or property loss through shrinkage, vandalism or theft.
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4045 Berkeley Park Dr. Duluth, GA 30096
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